Water Damage Photo Gallery

Local restaurant calls for cleanup after water damage is reported.

Tampa Bay Restaurant Calls SERVPRO Experts When a Burst Pipe Causes Water Damage.

Servers in a Tampa restaurant were unable to contain water after a pipe in the kitchen and bar area burst, causing significant water damage. After the water extraction was complete, our specialists used industry-leading drying equipment to remove the water that was not visible to the eye.

Supplies lined up in garage of residential home after water damage is endured.

Water Damage Restoration Team Prepares to Dry Out a Tampa Home After Water Damage is Reported.

A call from a customer with a flooded home needed the SERVPRO water restoration crew immediately. Air movers and dehumidifiers were placed within the hour for the start of drying and service.  

Partially removed drywall near kitchen cabinets and partially removed tile flooring

Kitchen Water Cleanup from SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview

After the kitchen in this photo suffered water damage, SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview responded with demolition of unsalvageable material. This process includes sanitation and odor control, as well as necessary structural repairs, before rebuilding services begin.

Technician with air scrubber and vacuum near demolished and sealed lower wall

Restoring Plumbing Water Damage in Brandon / North Riverview

SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview responded to the water damage situation in this photo by removing unsalvageable drywall and erecting a polyethylene drying chamber sealed with tape. This containment allows HEPA filter vacuums and air scrubbers to remediate microbes for sanitation.

Wet carpet with drying equipment

Brandon Water Damage Carpet Gets Fast Drying

Contrary to the myth, a wet carpet is not automatically a loss. This carpet in Brandon had water damage and the homeowner contacted SERVPRO for restoration services. The techs quickly set up drying equipment to pull the moisture out of the carpet and dry it in place.

living room stacked with green drying equipment--staging area

Lithia Water Loss Equipment Staging Area

The water leak in this Lithia home was in another area, and our SERVPRO team immediately got to work upon arrival. The stacked low-profile air movers, the axial fans, and the LGR dehumidifiers illustrate the extensive inventory of drying equipment that we have to mitigate water damage and preserve and restore our customers' homes to preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage in a Valrico Home

Leaks from plumbing often call for a clean up and restoration of a bathroom in Valrico. SERVPRO is there to help with the water removal and drying of the affected area so that it can be transformed into a newly remodeled bathroom.

Water Damage Cleanup In Riverview

Water damage can occur anytime, and our experts are ready 24/7 to respond to your emergency. Our fast response will limit further damage, prevent mold growth, and reduce your restoration costs. We have the training, advanced equipment, and water damage experience to restore your home in Riverview to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage Cleanup In Brandon

This home in Brandon experienced significant water damage. Our crew needed to work fast to prevent mold growth and limit further damage. We used our advanced equipment and specialized cleaning techniques to restore this property to pre-damage condition. Call the experts at SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview when water damage plagues your home. “Like it never even happened.”

Riverview Water Loss

The broken water lined leaked and flooded the floor of this office in Riverview. Because SERVPRO can respond quickly to a local emergency water loss, the damages can be mitigated. We can remove the water, save the flooring and prevent rusting to the file cabinets. We work fast.

Water Damage In Riverview

When a water damage disaster strikes your Riverview home, our crew is here to help! Our water damage technicians are ready to respond 24/7 to your emergency. SERVPRO of Brandon / North Riverview has the experience and equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Burst pipe in Riverview

SERVPRO of Brandon/North Riverview arrived to this Riverview home that experienced a pipe burst. The entire first floor had standing water when we arrived. We extracted the standing water and began the drying process.

Washing Machine Overflow

After this Riverview residence had their washing machine overflow, they called us here at SERVPRO of Brandon/North Riverview to come in and start extracting the water and start the drying process. In approximately 3 days, we had them back to normal and completely dry according to IICRC standards.